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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday night LED party!

This is an image of me soldering some electrical components together. We are soldering 66 LED's though we haven't quite finished yet. We are soldering them in sets of 3's with a resistor attached.
Each set connects all 3 LED's and the resistor in series. Each set of 3 is connected in parallel with every other set of 3. I've provided a really poorly hand drawn diagram of the circuit. It's only part of the circuit, enough to get the gist of what's going on. If you are building your own table and would like an easy way of working the LED circuit then this site is for you:
It gives you an image similar to this (which is the actually circuit I'm using) and looks a lot better. This is what we were aiming to solder but we didn't finish that night and are looking forward to getting some more work done tonight. The most tedious part I would say was to make sure the LED's we were using were not defective or DOA. However, after all that we got to solder and power 1 set of 3 LED's and set them in the housing of the Baffle. I think it looks great!


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