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Sunday, October 5, 2008

FTIR Display Frame pt 3

Originally uploaded by m3trikpsi4s
Here I'm checking the clearance of my IR led. The IR LED is Jameco part # 787667. I got 100 for $10! That's without the shipping of course. I was unlucky enough to have them shipped when gas prices were at a record high in July of 08 - $6 for shipping - I was fleeced!
So there is ample room using the canvas stretchers and 3/8" acrylic sheet.
There are notes here so feel free to click on the image and mouse around.
In the future I'd like to get an aluminum C-Channel to fit the led's into and to act as a baffle to focus the light. There is a great instructable I'm following that I will link shortly! Hope this helps anyone out there looking to build a multi touch display! I'll update again when I have more to say!

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