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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Multi Touch Frame Part 1

Originally uploaded by m3trikpsi4s
Being that have no real word working tools or experience I looked for a way around building my own frame.
Well, I found the perfect solution for me - Canvas stretchers! They come in various sizes and all you have to do is snap them together like wooden Lego's!
Also - the date is wrong. The batteries on my camera died and reset the date to its default setting. The camera is pretty old lol.
The size I'm using here are 24" by 32" for the back and 26" by 32" for the front.
I'm thinking of making the back also 26" by 32" as the arrangement I had in my mind didn't quite work out.

1 comment:

Juan Pinillos said...

Go go rich! this is looking better all the time!