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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Concerning the Bus line

So, a few minutes ago I rigged up and successfully tested a USB connected wall transformer to 1 set of 3 LED's + 1 resistor. Now, it's not fully tested because I need to see if this will be enough to run the entire line but in theory it should be. It is putting out 5V at 1 Amp.
The red wire is connected to pin 1 (+5 live) of the USB and the black wire (0V i.e ground) is connected to pin 4. Pins 2 (Data -5V) and 3 (Data +5V) are for running data - at the moment I'm not concerned with that.
The attached video shows test 1, it's a bit long at 42 seconds so I wouldn't blame you for skipping ahead a few seconds here and there. The point of this test is to show that the wall transformer can pass enough voltage and current through 1 set of the LED's without blowing all the components or generating excess heat. There was no excess heat felt and I think it worked brilliantly for a first test. In the video you see my plugging in the USB end into the transformer connected to the wall and then I pan over to the LED's just before I insert the power connection fully. The light being shown is Infra-red light and not visible to the naked eye. Here it is visible because of the nature of digital cameras and their CCD's sensisitivity to the IR range. With any luck this will be powering the entire display by the end of the week!

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