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Sunday, October 5, 2008

FTIR Display Frame pt 2

Originally uploaded by m3trikpsi4s
Feel free to click on the image and then mouse around to read my notes.
I've put both acrylic panels together here. They are sandwiched by the wooden canvas stretchers / make shift display frame.
Best part of all - no wood cutting! I will have to drill and thread screws through but that should be a breeze!

I got the canvas stretchers at an art store called Utrecht in Miami. This is near Sunset Place on US 1, about a block away from Pearl. You should be able to get this at any art store or hobby store - search for Canvas stretchers. Also, you can locate an art store near you with these canvas stretchers by visiting But any art store should have them in many different sizes. I found that although my acrylic is 24" by 32" that purchasing 32" by 26" actually fit the screen better.

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