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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Infra Red Web Cam 1st test

In a future post I will show how to take apart the Creative Web Cam Instant. Incidentally, creative is currently selling these for $7.99 US click here or here to see what I'm talking about. The second of the two I believe has better resolution.
So, what I'm showing here is the difference in the thickness of the visible light filter versus the clarity you get. Please note, I messed up the lens taking it out the first time. So if you do this, please have a file handy and file the lens out of its holder.
This First image is the camera using 1 square of unexposed film negative. This is the best I can get the camera - so now you can see why you should take better care extracting your lens.

The second shot down is me using 2 squares of unexposed film negative. You can see it's gotten blurrier. I believe part of the reason for this is because it takes time for the squares to settle on to each other. I did this in succession to get the shots as fast as I could. So, basically the negatives don't sit well, and the air between them acts to refract and reflect the light a bit causing this distortion when it finally hits the ccd chip. Also, remember the lens is messed up!

O.K. so in this shot I'm using 3 slivers of film negative. I've tried to keep my face at the same angle so the comparison is easier. All these shots were taken at the same time of day and in the same amount of light. So, ceteris paribus the only variable here is the thickness of the filter.

I guess even the reason that 1 sliver works better than 3 is that 1 sliver is actually closer in thickness to the filter that originally came with the camera. Thanks to codongolevat for suggesting this idea. There are tons of great ideas and comments @ instructables - so please check this site out when you have the time. No one I have shown it to has regretted it yet! Also, there are people who have already successfully built, tested, set up, and filmed their touch tables working.

I said the next post would be about disassembling the camera but I might forget. I will try to do my best though.

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