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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Software Testing

So, my friend Juan and I decided to test the touch lib software on my MBP. I had to boot into XP b/c I couldn't exactly figure out how to setup the software and binaries in Leopard.We set up the modified infra red cam to view the lcd and then ran the software. Since the software detects IR blobs we decided to use a loose IR LED. We also used a remote control ( which caused some problems as I'll explain later) because we thought we had blown the led since we just connected it to a battery without a resistor. So, below I have posted some video of the test run. We successfully ran the software and turned the LCD screen into a "touch screen". We were able to maintain some level of interaction with the computer via the software. The software crashed repeatedly and I'm assuming that's because we used the LED from a remote control. Since remote controls tell the IR LED's to beep a sort of binary morse code (light off =0, light on =1) we tried to use a button that had the least morse code. So we did set the IR points with the remote and therefore ran into a few problems. When we ran the setup the rectangles would be irregular and choppy. Also, when we ran the smoke demo the demo crashed. Most likely the morse code overloaded the software recognition and crashed it. We tried using the IRLED and had slightly better results, but at the end of the day we don't have the wave guide (acrylic) and thus don't really have the physics backing us to make it smooth yet. However, we don't think it was bad for a ghetto rigged run!

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