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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Videos of Turbine in Action

This is trial 1. As you can see I got off to a rough start.

This is trial 4 - you can see why I'm having trouble getting a good solid start.

This is trial 8 - the best trial to date. I will need to continue refining the pressure mechanism to get better results from the turbine.

So, what's happening here? Will this is running on the boundary layer effect. Basically, the molecules of a gas or liquid will rush into the chamber. Once they hit a disk on the runner part of the molecules surface will latch onto the surface of the disk and pull it with it. As this continues to happen energy is lost and the particle/ molecule will spiral in towards the center (where the exhaust valve is). This action drags the disk along with the particles and the disks are set into motion. This is what drives the runner and why no buckets or blades are needed.

If run in reverse ( say you use energy to turn the runner) and pump in the gas or liquid in through the exhaust valve - you are now running it as a compressor/ pump. In some models the turbine is strong enough to pump mud with rocks. As a matter of fact a few oil companies have been using these as pumps since the 60's. It's a great way to pump up oil with rocks and sludge!


Frantz said...

Nerd like you do not belong in Florida. I hope you know that.

Juan said...

I gotta see this in action! I'll probably play around with it once i get to your house.

IvanFrank said...

Bad ass.. what's next, a Tesla Coil!? Keep up the good work, and I hope I can be joining you in some of these projects in the near future.

edgardo said...

dude......hell yeah.
i lembro the days when we messed with that.
hey you know what would be a good idea, here.
post some likes to information about this. its history and current use in other parts of industry.