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Monday, March 9, 2009

Thoughts on Time

It's been an while since my last post. I'm still working on the table and I'll be posting updates on that soon. Currently, I would like to pose some thoughts on time and time travel. These are more questions and I'd like to get feedback from the audience out there if possible.

Let's suppose time travel is possible. So, instead of doing the cliche thing where I use my Delorean to run down my grandfather I use my time machine in a different way. I travel back 1 second in time to meet myself. Now there is 1 "copy" of me, and the two of us are traveling forward. After another second elapses we both go back in time to meet both of us. Now there are 4 copies of me running around. If I repeat this ad infinitum, there will be an infinite number of copies of myself running around, and the number will be increasing exponentially with every passing of the second hand.

Eventually, my the mass of all my copies and myself could potentially be greater than the mass of the Universe. Wouldn't that violate the law of conservation of mass?

If that is, indeed, a valid argument - does that contradict the possibility of time travel altogether - or simply my outlandish thought experiment?

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Bill Romanos said...

Time travel may be possible under your scenario if there are an infinite number of universes. I think there is some quantum physics or other theories that postulate multiple universes and it has to do with quantum states, but I am not a quantum physicist. I do see scientific literature postulating a multi-verse or multiple universes.